Friday, April 18, 2014

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

All week long I've been seeing tie dyed Easter eggs in my news feed on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I finally had an excuse to buy food dye and while it was on sale! Being a couponer we already had plenty of shaving foam. I also read that you can use whip cream instead. So whatever is handy in your pantry. To start we boiled and cooled the eggs a few days ago. Then tonight we got to dying them. 

First, I put shaving foam on the plate and let Trevor twirl it until it was frothy. Once that was done I let him add a drop or two of dye and mix it with a butter knife. If we do this again I would mix less. When the colors thin out you dont get as many unique stripes on the eggs. Instead if the dye is over mixed you get a very pale shade of color. We redyed some of the pale eggs a second time. 

Next we put the egg gently in the foam and slowly and softly rolled it where the dye was thickest. Then placed them on a paper towel to rest and let the dye soak in for a few minutes, try three or four minutes. The longer it sits the more it soaks in and you get deeper colors. 

Then wash off with water and presto! You've got colored Easter eggs!! We'll be doing this again in the future =)

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