Monday, July 20, 2015

More of what you like, less of what you dont

Have you ever logged in to Facebook and you start seeing things you wish there were a dislike button for? I recently came to a point where I had to re-evaluate why I was friends with some people on Facebook, for a manifold of reasons, not just because they had some strong opinion about politics, religion, or anything else. I was just sick of going on my Facebook feed and seeing negative, snide, or condescending posts and comments. 

I was somewhat inspired by a friend who had written about decluttering her life virtually. Yes, Danielle is an inspiration on several levels to me. Her post about decluttering her virtual life led me to do the same thing. Because, how many times have you opened up your email box and been bombarded with 100 to 1,000 emails, and none of them are personal emails which would take place of a letter or phone call from a friend, they're solicitations from websites and stores you shop.

Similarly your friends list and the websites you visit regularly are all part of the time eaters you allow in to your life. But we're not powerless, we can unfriend, we can block, we can unregister from email lists. Might it be awkward? Yes. Might it save you some time and give you some mental clarity? Yes.

I need more mental clarity, not 'friends' who take but dont give in an emotional sense. I know that surrounding myself with more things that bring me up will surely bring me up quicker than surrounding myself with things that bring me down. Simple concept, but something that I was too lazy to do with unregistering on email lists, or too afraid of the reprocussions of unfriending some people. But to be honest, when there's a window in your life online or elsewhere you have control of what you put out there and to a great extent who you wish to let view.

I encourage you to let go of things and people who take up your time but dont put any back in in a positive manner. Manage your time and your life will fall in line better, your ability to do things that make you happy will be greater because you are no longer allowing the negative to creep in or hang around.