Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Potluck lunch at work on the cheap

I've been working at my office for a little over three years. The first time we had a potluck luncheon I went to Walmart with out a plan. I NEEDED to get something to bring to work the next day. I walked out with three artisan loaves of bread and two packages of spinach dip at a cost of 30 to 40 dollars. 

Most people would say this isn't a large expense...but 30 dollars fills up half my tank, which is a weeks worth of gas. 40 bucks is a big haul at the grocery store - now a days. 40 bucks is my internet bill. 40 bucks can pay for a lot of things for your household, but it wont if you readily hand it over to a store.

Did I mention I dont own a knife set? Imagine cutting up three loaves of bread with a butter knife. That was my life that night, buyers remorse, financial insecurity, and no knife properly serrated to cut this expensive bread I just bought. 

We still have a potluck at work. However, my process for deciding what to bring has changed. Instead of thinking quick and easy, I turn my eyes to my cabinets and say what can I make with what I already have? 

This year I'm bringing rice crispy treats, with strawberry marshmallows, dipped in lime green melting chocolate, and dosed with sprinkles. I know...they're a little juvenile, but they're fun and I didn't spend a dime on impulse shopping at the last minute this year. I think they look like Christmas trees!! ;)

Price Break Down....
.75 - Box of Rice Crispies - couponed
~.75 Marshmallows - bought on clearance
~.50 1/4 stick butter - bought on sale
~1.25 Chocolate melts - bought on clearance
~1 Sprinkles - bought on clearance

Total = 4.25

Compared to three years ago I have a cost savings of almost 90% for my contribution to this event! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Almost time for a New Year

My journey has been in the works for the last 5 years. My name is Ashley. I'm the single mother of a wonderful little boy Trevor. I work full time and am going back to school, taking night classes to work toward new life goals. In May of this year I became a homeowner for the first time in Fort Myers, FL, where I have lived and worked since 2010.

My goals for this year are to enjoy life more, improve my home, and find happiness in what I have. I hope I can share my daily successes, triumphs, and defeats. I pride myself on being frugal and creative to live an almost debt free lifestyle - my home is my only debt. I believe that positive, goal oriented thinking is the first step toward happiness, the next step is making a plan, then starting it.

Goals for this year:
1. Finish three more classes.
2. Teach my son how to read & write.
3. Re-roof the house.
4. Finish landscaping the front yard.