Friday, January 3, 2014

Indecision at the check out lane

This morning my son requested 'sprinkle cookies'. This is his name for sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles on them. He really really really wanted them. I said we'd get them as a treat.

Today at work I was doing my math for the month and realize how tight things will be until I get paid, and as car insurance is coming up, I'll be tight again till the end of the month. Then tight again for my son's birthday where I intend to throw him a small party. At some point in the near future I'm also redoing my again this feeling of being broke.

I walked in to the grocery store prepared to buy sprinkle cookies and an oven pizza for dinner. And when I went to the bakery there were no sprinkle cookies! My grocery store, Publix, usually sells big packages only for 7 dollars and change. Target sometimes has smaller packages for 3 to 4 dollars. An oven pizza let's say 5 bucks.

I walked out.

I decided we'd make cookies at home. We have premade ones I can bake off put frosting on and sprinkles. And I had english muffins, cheese, and toppings for home made english muffin pizzas. I went from being 12 bucks in the hole to coming out for free today.

Decisions are hard to make. Sometimes learning how to eat at home is less about learning to cook and meal plan and more about making the decision to skip the store and take out and go home.

I took lots of great pictures. But my camera isn't registering on my computer...hmmm..I'll post photos as soon as I figure that one out ;)