Sunday, June 15, 2014

School Supplies, Check

And the school supply shopping is done!! 

I stocked up last year on all the sales and freebie items I could get, patiently putting away extras. Last night was the culmination of my sales shopping last year and two shopping trips this month. Full price everything on the table spread is about 84 dollars plus tax. I bought store brands for several things and couponed and sales shopped some others, so my total was less than that by a good deal. I'm still amazed at how much the school system asks for. 

When speaking to friends on Facebook about the back to school supply lists we all commented how they were very lengthy. One mother said it was her belief that schools will ask for more because they know some parents wont bring in supplies. So for the parents that do, they're compensating for the parents that dont. I thought about this long and hard and found myself in agreement with my friend. Some parents are in a difficult place to provide. As a single mother it's not easy to spend discretionary money on school supplies when there are other wants like going out and treating ourselves, but I choose to see school supplies as a need not a want and know to differentiate between the two. Much like parenting is a choice, parents must further choose to commit themselves to the education their child is receiving, and help and enable the school and teachers to do their best. If me providing these items helps with the goal of providing my son and his classmates with the best environment possible to learn, I feel it is my duty to willingly provide them with a kind heart. 

Now that the supply list is double checked and packed in bags ready for delivery there's still more to do! All documents and coppies of medical records have been submitted, all paper work has been signed - registration is done. Check. School supplies bought. Check. Entry testing done. Check. Now to buy school uniforms and the agenda his school requires. This is a public school, but some public schools here have uniforms. To save on the cost of uniforms we're going to the school shop where they resell uniforms for 5 dollars a piece. My mother encouraged me to go as soon as possible because when they're out of his size, they're out. So that's on my agenda this week. After dropping off the supplies and buying the uniforms and a school agenda, my next goal is to pre pay for aftercare and school lunches for a month or two. 

Being a mom is a lot of work!!!

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